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Jinni Kim (Jinsoon Oh)  Biography

Salisbury-based artist and poet Jinsoon Oh was born in Seoul, South Korea and came to the United States in 2016. She had three solo exhibitions in Korea and five solo exhibitions in the US, including at the Salisbury University Downtown Gallery. She has actively participated in regional, national, and international group exhibitions since she resided in the United States. Throughout her life, Oh has always been fascinated by images of the natural environment and being around them. Her evolution into poetic narratives allowed her to discover a newer language in painting and ceramics. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting in Seoul. She has been expanding her studio practices in the ceramics and sculpture programs at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland, since she arrived in the US. She has exhibited in many art venues, including several art fairs. Oh has also trained as an art teacher, specializing in secondary and high school art education. Her recent series of works, the Soundless Poem, centers around erasing the symbolic images from the painting surface and filling it with conceptual yet subtle colors through overlapping repetitive marks. She wants to convey more intimate, sublime and intuitive narratives by reconstructing images. She lives and works in Salisbury, Maryland.

Jinni Kim (Jinsoon Oh)  Artist Statement
My work is primarily inspired by my experience with and understanding of nature. These continuously accumulated connotations from the world I live in are mostly constructing the engine of my creation. I often use metaphoric and empathic notions to reconstruct elements from nature during my process in the making. I
discover the occurrence of the beauty of freedom when I rearrange their placements. It maybe sounds like some shocking effects from typical surrealistic approaches. But my goal is not to emulate an impact or any surprise. I hope to engage with the viewer through these imaginative elements that can be extremely valuable as space activators in painting. I would like to see these implied aspects can speak to the viewer as poetry does.



나의 작업은 주로 자연에 대한

나의 경험과 이해에서 영감 받았다.

공기, 바람, 물, 숲과 숲을 이루는 나무,

풀, 대지의 기운, 하늘과 우주의 모든 것,

눈에 보이는 것과 보이지 않는 것들, 그리고

들리는 것들, 인간을 포함한 모든 생명이 가진 파동은

내 창조의 원동력이 되었다.

내 작업은 세상으로부터 지속적으로 영향 받으며

그것들을 수용하기도 하고,

 이야기를 입히며

나 자신의 조형 언어로 표현되어 왔다.

최근의 작업들은 많은 이야기를 담아내던 

화면에서 형상들을 지워가며 

시적 언어의 철학적 접근을 

시도하고 있다.

시적 언어의 유희를 

2D의 화면에 설계하여 은유적이며

함축적으로 표현하려고 한다.

화면에 구성된 이미지의 실체의 형태를 지워나가며

반복적인 선의 겹침을 통해

단순한 듯 미묘한 색으로 가득찬 화면은

더 내밀한 이야기와 순수한 직관을 전달하고자 한다.

설명되어진 그림에서 겹쳐지며

지워가는 선의 나래이션으로

화면이 가진 의미가 확산되고

담담한 듯 강열하게 남겨지는 조형적 표현으로 

이미지화 하였다.

아무것도 아닌듯 그러나 많은 의미를 가진 

무엇인가를 내 회화의 화면에 구축하고 싶었다.

내 이야기를 담아내지만 관람자의 입장에 따라

다양하게 해석되어지는 무수한 상념이

서정적이며 철학적으로 해석되어지는 

날개를 가질 수 있기를 바란다.


                                                                                                                      1/6 2023 오진순


STUDIO: 516 W Salisbury Pkwy. Ste 1

Salisbury, MD 21801




Ceramic and Sculpture Studies Salisbury University, Salisbury Maryland

B.F.A.  Painting Concentration, King Se-Jong University, Seoul, South Korea

Selected Solo Shows  

  • Soundless Poem / Embassy of South Korea / Washington D.C

  • Pickleball Friends /Salisbury Art Space Gallery / Salisbury, Maryland

  • Dream of Being / Salisbury University Art Gallery / Salisbury Maryland

  • Time of Wind and Wishes / New Jersey KCC Gallery/ Tenafly, New Jersey

  • Reincarnation / Robinson Gallery / Salisbury Art Space / Salisbury, Maryland

  • REUNION / Embassy of South Korea / Washington D.C

  • BEYOND / Park Yangwoo Coffee / Yeongjongdo, Incheon, South Korea 

  • DREAMS / Gallery Restaurant Buon Giorno /Namyangju Si, South Korea

  • The Song of Dreamer / Gallery M / Seoul, South Korea 

  • The Diary of Dreamer / Tophohaus / Seoul, South Korea 


Selected Group Shows

  • Gather / ART LEAGUE of OCEAN CITY, Ocean City, Maryland

  • Los Angeles Art Show 2023, LA Convention Center/ Los Angeles, California

  • Best of Best Show / ART LEAGUE of OCEAN CITY, Ocean City, Maryland

  • Contemporary Abstraction II / Salisbury Art Space, Salisbury, Maryland

  • Reimagining Peace to Come / Maryland Hall, Maryland

  • Boundless / Korean Cultural Center/ Washington D.C.

  • Home Sweet Home / Art Mora Gallery / Ridgefield, New Jersey

  • New Beginnings / Salisbury Art Space, Salisbury, Maryland

  • ARTS THE NEW NORMAL/Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Art Center, Solomons, Maryland

  • I am / ART LEAGUE of OCEAN CITY, Ocean City, Maryland

  • Infinity Spectrum   /   Riverside Gallery / Ridgefield, New Jersey

  • Juried Show /ART LEAGUE of OCEAN CITY, Ocean City, Maryland

  • FINE CRAFT EXHIBITION   /   Rehoboth Art League, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

  • Spring Gala Exhibition   /   NEW JERSEY KCC GALLERY, Tenafly, New Jersey

  • The Language of Color / NEW JERSEY KCC GALLERY, Tenafly, New Jersey

  • Walking in The Era   /   ART MORA / Ridgefield, New Jersey

  • Close Water   /   Salisbury University Downtown Gallery / Salisbury, Maryland

  • SAS MEMBERS SHOW   /   Salisbury Art Space, Salisbury, Maryland

  • For Tomorrow   /   MK Gallery   / Fairfax, Virginia

  • Original Senses / KCC Gallery, Chicago, Michigan

  • Resilience / Waverly Street Gallery / Bethesda, Maryland

  • Island of Misfit Art HMAA   /   KCC Gallery, Chicago, Michigan

  • Good Morning 2016 ART Collection Exhibition   / Gallery La Mer / Seoul, South Korea 

  • SEOUL OPEN ART FAIR / Seoul, South Korea 

  • Taipei Invitational Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

  • Figuration Exhibition   / Seoul, South Korea 

  • Horizon   / SinSeon Gallery / Mokpo, South Korea 

  • Seoul Insa Art Contest Exhibit / Gallery La Mer / Seoul, South Korea 

  • Open Painting Exhibition / Gana Art Space / Seoul, South Korea 

  • Unity and Harmony / Art World Gallery / Seoul, South Korea 

  • Variety of Viewpoint Exhibition / Seoul, South Korea 

  • Gunja Exhibition / Seoul, South Korea  

  • For the Exhibition the Position of Korean concrete painting/Seoul Art Center/Seoul, South Korea

  • Member of Korean Fine Association Exhibition 

  • The New Year Exhibition / Seoul, South Korea 

  • Ryun Exhibition / Seoul, South Korea 

  • Rising Artists Exhibition / Seoul, South Korea 

Selected Awards

  • Korean Environmental Art Association /Special / Seoul, South Korea 

  • Seoul Insa Art Exhibition / Excellence Award / Seoul, South Korea 


  • --- Amelie Sloan Award Excellence in Hand Building / Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

  • ART LEAGUE of OCEAN CITY Landscapes: Real or Imagined / First PLACE / Ocean City, Maryland

  • SAS GALLERY / Common Object / First PLACE / Salisbury, Maryland

  • ART LEAGUE of OCEAN CITY Juried Corporate Partner Show / First PLACE / Ocean City, Maryland

  • SAS GALLERY / New Beginnings / 2nd PLACE / Salisbury, Maryland

  • SAS GALLERY / Contemporary Abstraction / 2nd PLACE/ Salisbury, Maryland

  • SAS GALLERY / Getting Green / 2nd PLACE / Salisbury, Maryland





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