Jinni Kim (Jinsoon Oh)  Biography

Salisbury based artist and poet, Jinsoon Oh was born in Seoul, South Korea and came to the United States in 2016 and has been actively involved in regional and national art exhibits since then. Throughout her life, Jinsoon has always been fascinated by images of the natural environment and being around them. Jinsoon's evolution into poetic narratives allowed her to discover a newer language in painting. She has earned a BFA degree in painting back in Seoul, Korea. She has exhibited in many art venues, including several art fairs. Jinsoon has also trained as an art teacher, specializing in secondary and high school art education. Jinsoon lives and works in Salisbury, Maryland.

Jinni Kim (Jinsoon Oh)  Artist Statement
My work is primarily inspired by my experience with and understanding of nature. These continuously accumulated connotations from the world I live in are mostly constructing the engine of my creation. I often use metaphoric and empathic notions to reconstruct elements from nature during my process in the making. I
discover the occurrence of the beauty of freedom when I rearrange their placements. It maybe sounds like some shocking effects from typical surrealistic approaches. But my goal is not emulating an impact or any surprise. I hope to engage with the viewer through these imaginative elements that can be extremely valuable as space activators in painting. I would like to see these implied aspects can speak to the viewer like what poetry does.

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